Why Should You Consider Having A Start-Up in Tourism?

‘Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.’- Paula Bendfeldt.

When it comes to youth and work, we have seen an emerging trend of the young population of the world aiming for a start-up right from the primitive years of their career. Not only that is one of the most confident decisions but also a creative leap which has successfully provided solutions in an affordable manner. While there are a lot of different niches in which you can venture into a startup and one such field is the Industry of Tourism. 

Tourism as an industry has been one of the active and growing industries emerging globally irrespective of the economic situation in the world. It is estimated that more than 200 Million people around the world work, contribute and nourish this industry either directly or indirectly. Travel is considered not only as a luxury but as a necessity for people who work with International clients. Tourism is also one of the factors that contribute to the GDP of the country. From local to domestic to International tourism, the opportunities are endless. With new and new concepts of travel and tourism getting added to its dictionary every year, it is a positive indication of the emerging and growing future of the industry. 

If you are also fond of travelling, you can definitely turn your passion into your profession. A start-up in tourism is unique and opens up multi-dimensional avenues  in the industry due to its versatility and ability to adapt to change. 

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should consider having a start-up in tourism industry- 


Ample of Growth Opportunities

When it comes to Tourism, you are not restricted to one single line of services which you can provide to your clients. This industry comes with a number of verticals as compared to the mainstream start ups which can access certain areas only. A few examples you can deal with are-

  • Aviation
  • Transportation services
  • Inbound DMC
  • Outbound DMC
  • Hospitality
  • Tour Guides
  • Tour Managers
  • Tour Operators
  • Destination Management Company
  • Ticketing services
  • Food and Leisure Activities

If you notice, most of the sectors mentioned above generate a lot of employment opportunities in millions per year globally. The scope is as vast as an ocean as these verticals further have their own sub-divisions which you can take up as per your interest. 



This field offers you a lot of space to exercise your creativity. You can keep on introducing and experimenting with your Tour Packages which you offer to the people. It can be for a student group, recreational activity group, a corporate or mice group, or a group that is looking for leisure and sight-seeing activities. We can observe how different states and countries come up with new packages with the same destination every year. This itself is the biggest example of how tourism is an endless land if exercised properly.When it comes to creativity, the sky is  limit!


Travel Opportunities 

Speaking of tourism and not thinking of travel would be a sin! Be it in Aviation or a Tour operator, you will get to travel to different places because this is what your job would be. For those employees who are into desk jobs such as ticketing or operations, a lot of companies organize travel or recreation short trips which the employees can benefit from. The job of a Tour Manager is a rewarding experience which one can only get in this industry. Besides, you would be the smartest person in your group to know about a plethora of places around the globe.


Team Culture

Travel industry is a creactive one and thus the employees in that industry would also be creative minds who like to think out of the box. While some areas of the industry deal with technicalities but as a team, they would always strive towards a common goal. A mixture of creativity and expertise, it develops a team culture which not only contributes to the growth of the company but also nourishes and enhances the individual’s capabilities and skills. 



While this industry is stressful during the peak season, one always has the flexibility of operating in the working hours and markets of their choice. There are various markets in the industry like Indian, US, UK, Australia etc and hence you will often find employers working in different time zones. Along with this, you can also carry out and plan tasks at your own pace to set the foundations before the peak season. 


Versatile Industry 

One can benefit from this industry in multiple ways by operating in more than one verticals as mentioned above. A lot of governments actively promote tourism as a fair share of the returns from the same contribute to the GDP of the country. Besides, if you open up a start-up you can also avail the benefits offered by the local government to boost the local business. Most of the verticals in the tourism sector generate local business and local employment which not only benefits the individual but also the place he resides in.

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