Career Opportunities in Travel Sector

Travelling is fun! Some people travel for leisure, some for business while some people make travel their forte to get the most out of it. It is one of the only jobs which offers your entertainment plus employment. This is the place where fun meets work on literal grounds. One of the main factors which makes tourism interesting is its rapid growth and the need to overcome constant challenges. 

Every year, we can see a rise in tourism activities in domestic and international sectors primarily because of the rise in the number of people traveling in different ways be it backpacking, leisure, business or aim specific travel. A Lot of schools and colleges have adopted the concept of ‘Industrial Visits’ which is also becoming a popular concept around the world. Along with this even corporate sectors have started rewarding their employees with Tour Packages as a reward for their hard work done throughout the year. 

On this positive note, we have compiled a list of different opportunities which you can adopt as your career in the Travel Sector. 


Tour Manager 

One of the most popular and a dream job for many is the designation of a ‘Tour Manager’ in a travel agency. It is indeed a stressful role to handle a large group or a number of people in a new city or a country. But, this does not take away the fact that you get your share of travel and passport stamps as well. This job teaches you people’s skills like managing, organising, leading and taking care of the group irrespective of the situation. 

A Tour manager has to be sharp enough to handle any on-ground error and must have full knowledge of the place of visit. He should also be aware about the local rules and regulations of the place of travel along with the emergency numbers and embassy address in the foreign country. A person who is keen to travel and has a sharp mind with good communication skills can apply for this position. 


Transportation Services 

One of the basic needs of any journey is transportation services. This is one area which can never go out of service as transportation is a necessity in tourism. You can set up strong connections with the local bus and van drivers and hire them on contractual or permanent basis. You can start by a domestic place and then go global with international tie ups. 

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. One must be aware of the local rules for drivers set by the government and the driver should also have necessary documents to drive the vehicles. Many times you may need a permit for inter-state travel. The buses also should be kept neat and clean with necessary arrangements made before the travel. 


Destination Management Company 

A destination management company caters to the queries received in terms of arrangements and organizing of the activities ordered. It provides services of tour guides, tour managers, transportation, hospitality and other services. They are local experts which know their sector in and out and can take care of everything right from arranging a corporate event, logistics, tours, weddings and much more. 

Destination Management Companies can be Outbound and Inbound. Outbound DMCs are those which takes the traveler outside their country for travel while Inbound DMCs operate internally within their company. Inbound DMCs can also cater to non-residents of their country on tours within their company and provide local services to Outbound DMCs. 


Ticketing Services 

One of the other basic sectors which has ample growth and never ending need is ticketing services. If you want to travel somewhere and don’t have the time to book your tickets, you give it to the local tour operator or get it done from an agent. Well, these agents provide you with ticketing services which are booked by them on your behalf. 

One unique factor this service has that it is not restricted in terms of geography. One can book international as well as domestic tickets of trains, cruises, ferry and flights. To have an edge over other companies, you can also become an agent of the different companies of flights like Lufthansa, Thai Airways etc and the same for the cruises. All the flights and cruise services provide this an option which can help you gain extra income. 


Tour Guide 

If you are someone who has impeccable memory and interest in the history, geography and culture of your city or country, this role is for you. A lot of people tend to mix up between the roles of a Tour Manager and a Tour Guide. A tour manager is responsible for managing the tour and smooth operations of the same while a Tour Guide is an expert who can show and take you around the places of visit. 

Along with good communication skills and people management, a tour guide is well versed with the roads, lanes, restaurants, places of visit and its history which has to be introduced to the tourists. A Lot of institutes are now offering courses and certification for the same. Once you have completed the course, you will have to get certified by the Tourism Ministry post which you can start your career as an official Guide. 


Aviation Services 

A humongous sector with abundant employment and growth opportunities is the Aviation sector. It can be an agency or a company which trains staff like Franklin, Airport staff or Ground Staff, Air Hostess, Pilot etc. The job is fun with 5-star treatment and a handsome salary. If one loves to travel and wants a stable job along with a good pay, you can choose this option. 

Aviation services are again not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes huge efforts and patience to deal with hundreds of people at the same time with a smile on their face. This job also comes with a lot of responsibility as airports and flights are sensitive spaces to work in. You should be apt and on your feet with a sound mind to tackle any situation. 


Operations and Contracting 

When a tour is on ground, there are a plethora of things to take care of at the backend. Even before a tour gets started one has to start functioning operationally so that everything is set for the Tour manager. The responsibilities before the tour are ticketing, transportation services, booking guides and places of sight-seeing, booking accommodation and restaurants. When the tour is on ground, the Operations team has to coordinate with all the services listed above and make sure everything is in place and functioning smoothly. 

Contracting and Negotiating is an interesting element of the Tourism industry. In this segment, one enters into yearly or monthly contracts with the Hotels and places of sight-seeing such as theme parks, museums, and show theaters which will be the core of the tour price. Once the contracting is done, you are offered a lower rate than the usual tourists with whom you have entered in a contract with which benefits your company. 



Last but not the least, another sector which is basic and is required by tourists is hospitality. This includes Hotels, Home-stays, Hostels, Cafes and Restaurants. One can engage in this sector as per capacity and monetary strength. For hotels, you can either open up a franchise of a well known brand like Hyatt, Radisson, AirBnb or start your own brand as well. If you are in a place with scenic beauty, you can start your own home stay as people prefer to stay in local houses as well. For a budget friendly option, you can start backpackers hostel as well. 

Cafes and Restaurants also contribute majorly to the tourism business. You can tie up with the local Tour companies and Inbound DMCs  and also set menus exclusively for tourist groups, student groups, senior citizens etc. If you cannot open up a cafe or a restaurant, you can also serve packed home food as per requirement. 

These were some of the career options in the tourism industry. You can take up professional courses offered by academic institutions and top Tourism companies before taking up a job in this field. If your mind and heart are at one place, you are sure to grow. 


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